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    Miracle Boy SRC-411-12V

    Oil filtration device – Miracle Boy

    Miracle Boy maintains oil at new?level and prevents deterioration of lubricating and hydraulic oil.


    Remove dust

    keep oil fresh semi-permanently

    Remove moisture

    up to the level of ppm (0.0001%)

    Keep acid value

    absorb and filter oxidized sludge in oil with the patented technology



    The multifunctional filter element


    The filter element of Miracle Boy is multifunctional and eliminate deterioration factors at the same time. The filter element is?composed of adsorption layers to remove very-fine particles, moisture and oxidized sludge in oil.

    MB filter element



    Filtration accuracy


    Miracle Boy is the adsorption and special depth-type filtration?device.?Compared to other filtration systems, the filtration range of Miracle boy is much wider, 0.01~100μm. The filter element fully accumulates contaminations inside. This is the one of features of Miracle Boy.



    ExamplesMiracle Boy example use







    Model SRC-411-12V SRC-811-8V SRC-812-6V SRC-813-10V SRC-814-15V

    Tank capacity

    Hydraulic / Lubricating oil

    500L /?300L 1000L /?600L 2000L /?200L 3000L /??1800L ?4000L /?2400L
    Moisture removal rate (Max.) 2L 4L 8L 12L 16L
    Filter element GE-21 (2 pcs) /
    GE-41 (1 pc)
    GE-21 (4 pcs) /
    GE-41 (2 pcs)
    GE-21 (8 pcs) /
    GE-41 (4 pcs)
    GE-21 (12 pcs) /
    GE-41 (6 pcs)
    GE-21 (16 pcs) /
    GE-41 (8 pcs)
    Motor 75W 0.2kw 0.2kw 0.2kw 0.4kw
    Connection diameter
    PT1/4,PT1/4, no drain PT3/8 PT3/8 PT3/8 PT3/8 PT3/8 PT3/8 PT3/8 PT3/8 PT3/8 PT1/2 PT3/8 PT3/8
    Outside dimension (mm) 300W×265L×423H 270W×435L×768H 600W×305L×801H 780W×305L×801H 440W× 700L× 750H
    Weight 16kg 31kg 55kg 70kg 110kg
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