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    Start your brand with our OEM GUIDEWIRES!

    We provide high-performance guidewires as OEM.

    We offer various guidewires: for Angiographic, Microvessels, Ileus, etc. Also, our guidewires can be made to order to meet your requests.

    The core wires consist of Nitinol which makes our guidewires great at kink resistance.

    Also, our guidewires have been developed to be excellent at stiffness, pushability, and torque transmission while keeping the thinness of the wires.

    Certification: ISO13485:2016.




    Hydrophilic Guidewire

    ●?A Nitinol shaft enables the wire to memorize its shape even in tortuous vessels.

    ●?A hydrophilic coating on the outer surface ensures great lubricity.


    Outer diameter: 0.021 “to 0.038”
    Overall length: 450mm-5000mm
    Tip shape: Straight, Angle, J type, Beak type ※Custom orders available.
    Surface: Hydrophilic coat (Patented)


    Micro Guidewire

    ●?Straightened Nitinol shaft enables to improve steerability for vessel selection.

    ●?The tip flexibility can be adjusted to your microcatheter and target site.

    ●?A gold coil is attached to the tip as a contrast marker to improve visibility under fluoroscopy.


    Outer diameter: 0.010 “to 0.018”
    Overall length: 450mm-3000mm
    Tip shape: Straight, Angle ※Custom orders available.
    Surface: Hydrophilic coat (Patented)


    Non-Vascular Guidewire

    ● A Nitinol shaft with excellent kink resistance is used.

    ● Hydrophilic coat with great lubrication durability is applied to the tip.

    ● A gold coil is used at the tip 5cm to enhance visibility.


    ※All guidewires we provide are OEM only and will be shipped unsterilized.

    ? ?Samples available upon request, please feel free to contact us.

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