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    ※ VUCA(Volatility 変動制, Uncertainty 不確実性, Complexity 複雑性, Ambiguity 曖昧性)

    代表取締役社長 山口 賢一

    Aiming for a company that can evolve and change with constantly absorbing customer feedback

    As a company that can evolve and change, we have revised our management philosophy and code of conduct.
    Together with our customers, we are pursuing various reforms with polishing sensibility and having a sense of fun in order to survive the VUCA era.
    In particular, we will focus on "Something that only small and medium-sized companies(or businesses) can do" so thank you for your support.
    Remark) VUCA:Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity





    Take Japanese Possibility to the World

    Keeping in mind that we are a trading company, we strive to work on the task of getting at least one overseas person to know and use the wonderful technologies and creativity of Japan that have not been introduced yet. As a management philosophy.





    Road to Nikke International

    The purpose of our membership in the Nikke Group in 2018 was to provide an infrastructure for exporting Group products.
    Although we have a long way to go, we aim to be a company worthy of "NIKKE INTERNATIONAL"'s name that can export all group products.
    Of course, we want to develop while maintaining the balance of the three pillars, EMI's original unique products, newly developed products and group products.




    • 正義と利益の選択なら、迷わず正義を!
    • 行動しないことを正當化するな。行動しないことはリスクであり悪である。
    • まずは「はい!」「やってみます!」と言ってみる。
    • 自分たちよりお客様に儲けて貰う。
    • メール見たら即判斷。15分以內に行動する。
    • 段取り八分?仕事二分。
    • なんでや?と常に疑問を持つ。
    • 誰一人取り殘さない。
    • Both heaven and hell are within us.(天國も地獄も己の中にあり)
    • 明るく、楽しく、元気よく

    Code of conduct

    Ten articles were established with the participation of all employees.
    What kind of company is EMI? We are going to make it clear immediately from inside and outside the company.
    If you have any questions about the contents, please feel free to contact us.

    【10 Action Guideline】

    1) If you have to choose between profit and Righteousness, choose Rightheousness
    2) No action is not always right. No action is risky and detrimental.
    3) Say "Yes" and "I'll try to do it"
    4) Customer should benefit more than us
    5) Judge immediately when you see message.
      Act within 15 minutes after it.
    6) Preparation is 80% ? Work 20%
    7) "What does it mean?" Always be curious in approach
    8) No one will be left behind
    9) Both heaven and hell are within us.
    10) Bright, Fun and Cheerful!

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